80 Percent What You Eat

🍃Tracy’s first wellness restaurant. Come in for a fresh healthy made meal for dine in or take out. No time for take out or dine in? Let us prepare  our same healthy meals or juice for a juice cleanse or meal prep for that busy week. 

Effective 9/10/2020 Due to Covid All deliveries will need there own cold bag or ice chest left on your porch if your not going to be home. We can no longer provide you with your reusable cold bag and ice. If you have one please leave it on the porch with ice we will place your meals in them until your able to get them. If you have any questions please call us! 

80 Percent What You Eat

Wellness Experts & Chefs

It all started with an Inspiration to make a change and conquer hypothyroidism. With that in mind, they also wanted to take on every other disease out there that was destroying their ohana. They wanted to defeat the issues their Polynesian ancestors had experienced, along with what all other cultures world wide were going through. Experiencing the loss of so many family members and friends to cancer and the spiral of sicknesses over the last decade something had to change. In 2015 they began compiling information on the 80/20 rule, discovering the types of foods that cause sicknesses, and the foods known to help heal the body while helping it function properly. They quickly realized that they could control what was being put in our food by preparing them from scratch. Passionate about making a change they started by taking out highly processed ingredients such as: soy, preservatives, gluten, artificial flavors, food coloring, high sugars, sodium, and bad fats that are known to cause some of these sicknesses found in so many of the foods today. They created food with fresh natural herbs, spices, vegetables, and quality meats, that actually help your body function properly and heal. All the while being able to keep that delicious flavor.

Why Choose Us?

It’s a passion to provide healthier options with “cook to order” healthy meals for just about every diet, including plant based.

Most of our sauces and spices are made in-house to prevent dairy, soy, processed ingredients, and high sodium from sneaking into your food. Doing all of this but without sacrificing the flavor. We use products that are Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, with no added Hormones or Preservatives whenever possible.

We offer Dine in, take out, meal prep and juice cleanses for those of you looking for a clean healthy reboot. 

“ If you haven’t eaten here then you haven’t lived life well. This is the best tasting healthy food in the US. “

David C


We are located near the small Inshape on Tracy Blvd. We are the building with all glass windows around it facing Tracy Boulevard.

(Look for the two Hawaiian flags and Big Red Open Banners) 

We have two entrances and lots of parking for you stop by and enjoy a healthy juice, shake or meal for dine in or takeout or meal prep🍃

Please read our instructions and hours of operations there are no refunds we will do credits only. 

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Hours of Operation 

Monday - Friday 






Get your healthy lifestyle started today! 

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